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Tapping Into Your Inner Being (channeled message)

Release fear, guilt, and worry as they are lower energies that impede the success of your manifestations. When experiencing these lower energetic feelings, know that whatever you do, say, or act upon is a conditioned response of a detachment from your spirit. These emotions are not all that you are or who you embody, but only the disillusion of what has not yet been discovered. In the depths of the soul lies the real you. The pure love. The pure light. The eminence of greatness not from an ego sense, but from knowing that we are all a part of the greater divine. Detachment from the emotions that you feel control you bring you closer to this spiritual place of being. It brings you closer to love as a state of being and not just as an act of doing or giving. You are all embodiments of pure love and light and these impossible conditions that you thrust upon yourselves are not always for your greatest good. Release the old belief systems of human perfection for they only exist in the mind and are limitations to your spiritual oneness. That sacred space of being in energetic alignment of deliberate creation is when you are manifesting your hearts desires effortlessly by intending, rather than doing. When you are in this flow of energetic alignment with your spirit you will feel like everything is effortless and everything in your life flows easily without coercion. Getting to know this feeling and sacred space of creation will allow you to return, should you find yourself out of alignment. Returning to your sacred space of deliberate creation is your primary point of manifestation. Remain in the stillness, be easy with yourself, be kind and be your authentic self. Blessings to all!

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