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Cultivating a Loving Heart

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

It is with grace and ease that you open your heart to love. Love triumphs over everything. It always prevails and is never weak. How do you hold love in your heart towards someone who is not displaying actions of love back to you? We start by telling you to just hold love in your heart for yourself. When a person withholds love from you, acts toward you with intentional harm or ill behavior, we tell you to give yourself that much more self-love.

When one person is harming another and the recipient of that harm is trying to maintain a loving heart, we find that if that recipient allows themselves to increase their self-love, even more than usual, than that act of self-love will crumble and abolish any loveless acts sent towards them. So for each and every time you feel someone is hurtful, or intentionally harming you, give yourself that much more self-love. Show yourself self-love by giving yourself a break, increasing your self-care routines, or performing a simple act of gratitude toward yourself. Practice mirror work and remind yourself how very grateful you are for yourself and how much you enjoy and love being you.

So whenever you feel someone hurts your feelings, is rude to you, or does intentionally harmful things towards you, we ask that you cultivate more self-love towards yourself. For every loveless act that is passed on to you, pass on even more self-love and appreciation toward yourself. By practicing and using these methods, you will find those loveless acts will no longer cause pain because you are in a higher vibration of love. When you have so much self-love surrounding you, lower vibrations of less than loving acts cannot reach you. We ask you to practice this often so you can deepen and strengthen the love you have toward yourself, regardless of how others are treating you.

When you radiate self-love from the inside out, it will spill over into your relationships with your family, friends, and children. If those people aren’t emanating the same love back to you, it will no longer matter, because you won’t feel it. You won’t notice and it won’t affect you because you will no longer be on the same vibration as them. So we ask you to cultivate this self-love with the greatest of intentions of creating love all around you. Let it fill your body and its every pore, and let it radiate out from your very core.

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