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Full Moon Ritual

The full moon is a time of powerful healing and transformation. It illuminates those aspects of our life that we wish to overcome and transcend, allows us to look deeply into the shadow self to release and let go of what no longer serves us. One practical ritual for releasing and letting go is to conduct a simple fire ceremony.

There are many ways of conducting a fire ceremony but here is an example of one that is quick and easy.

Take inventory of some things you would like to release. These can include emotional wounds, trauma, self doubt, procrastination, etc… You get the picture.

Write them all down on paper setting an intention of healing and releasing.

Use an outdoor fire pit (in a safe and controlled environment) to burn those items you would like to release by throwing your paper into the fire.

Fire ceremonies have been around for countless centuries. Fire is thought to be cleansing in these rituals because it is ‘burning down’ the old regimes that no longer serve us.

Use this ritual however you see fit and adapt to make it your own.

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