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Kelly Melka- Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer
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Kelly is an inspirational spiritual teacher, psychic medium and healer who teaches women to tap into the power of their intuition to optimize performance and growth in their everyday lives.  She specializes in connecting you to your life’s purpose while guiding you to dissolve blocks that prevent you from living out your best life.

A custom intuitive reading with Kelly offers clients:

  • spiritual wisdom to provide personal and professional growth

  • opportunities for healing and self-development

  • guidance surrounding decisions pertaining to your life’s path

  • improved health and well-being

  • Personalized Life Path, Career, Health Guidance

  • Personalized Energy Healing Sessions

  • Reiki Certification Programs

  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation

  • Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Tapping Into Your Intuition

  • Calming a Busy Mind

  • Enhance Overall Wellness

  • Group Readings

Psychic Readings

Energy Healing 

Reiki Certification Classes

Spiritual Development

Intuitive Development Classes




Angel Tarot Readings

Energy Healing, Psychic Readings, Intuitive Development Classes
Psychic Readings, Spiritual Development, Energy Healing
Psychic Readings


Customized intuitive readings are given to provide you with spiritual guidance pertaining to your everyday life. Readings are done to receive guidance pertaining to career, life path, and decision making. 

Spiritual Development


Kelly uses an intuitive, multi-faceted approach to teach others how to connect to their own inherent gifts and abilities to enhance the quality of their everyday lives.

Energy Healing

Multiple techniques are combined in each session to activate the body’s subtle energy systems removing blocks and balancing the body’s vital energy centers. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is stimulated, thus creating greater overall well-being and stamina.

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