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Healthy Baby Formula Recipe

When my second child was born I had many difficulties finding the right formula to settle his gastrointestinal issues and was advised to stop breast feeding. He was very colic for 6 months, had reflux, and never slept through the night or for long periods of time. He was constantly gassy, bloated and constipated. His doctors instructed me to put him on an elemental formula due to these issues and then eventually a prescription formula. If I knew then what I know today, I would have done things much differently, but I was just learning how to create healthy meals for my family and still had much to learn. This process ultimately led me to my holistic health coaching certification where I learned not only how to feed my family in healthy ways, but also learned what ingredients we needed to leave out of every day meals for overall health and longevity.

We have seen specialist after specialist for my son’s gastrointestinal issues, including those at John Hopkins, but to no avail. Many of the doctors told me that he just needed to ‘grow out of this’ phase. Six months into to this very exhausting and seemly never ending experience, I took him to see a health coach. I explained to her that I found this formula recipe and wanted to try it, but was nervous and wanted a second opinion. I felt like I didn’t know enough at the time and collaborating with her helped to ease my fears. I had a lot of fear around keeping him healthy, getting him the proper nutrients and was wondering if I was doing the right thing for my baby. With a little encouragement, and a lot of desperation on my part, I started him on this recipe and never looked back.

The first day I gave him the new formula he slept through the night, had a healthy bowel movement (without the use of Mira Lax which was previously instructed by our doctor) and seemed so much more comfortable with a lot less crying. I followed this formula from age 6 months to his 12 month checkup. I learned that not only was he healthy, growing and thriving, but I also had the blood work to prove it. His 12 month CBC labs were all normal.

I share my personal experience today in the hopes of inspiring others, just like me, who may be experiencing the same dilemmas. With the shortage of baby formula that is currently happening this recipe can be useful and ingredients can be found in most health food stores.

After looking at some of the ingredients in baby formula I was shocked to find that they are full of ingredients I stay away from for my family. One of the prescription formulas we used is composed of 54% corn syrup solids along with refined vegetable oils which are both are both highly toxic and can raise your risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, increased blood sugar, along with a host of other problems that can arise from ingesting these ingredients on a daily basis. The cost (back in 2013) of one small can of this prescription formula was $50 for something that was composed of mostly GMO toxic ingredients.

I have used the baby formula recipe from the Weston A. Price Foundation listed here. https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/childrens-health/formula-homemade-baby-formula/

If I had to do it again and couldn’t breast feed, I would still choose to use this recipe as I know it is full of high quality, healthy ingredients that I can feel comfortable feeding a baby. There are recipes kits from Radiant Life which I also used, but you can get most ingredients from your local health food store.


I hope this information is helpful to you as you try to navigate feeding your baby while also facing baby formula shortages. As always, consult with your doctor before making any changes. I was lucky I had a pediatrician that was on board with the changes I was making for my son. He even asked if he could refer another mother to me who was going through similar difficulties with her daughter, so I think that speaks volumes in terms of its effectiveness. Remember you know what is best for your child and his / her needs. Follow your intuition and trust your inner wisdom when making decisions regarding your child’s health and happiness.

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